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Acupuncture And Yoga Workshop For Lower Back Pain

July 10, 2017

On Saturday, July 29th I will be guiding another Acuyoga workshop.  Based on the success of the previous one, Yumcha Yoga in Flushing, Queens, is once again hosting the workshop.  Participants will be taught about lower back pain and all of its various causes in our modern way of living.  You will be taught about traditional Chinese medical concepts in relation to lower back pain and the various organs and acupuncture meridians associated with it.  You’ll also learn how certain habits may be causing your lower back pain that you would have never associated with.  You will then be guided through a Yin Yoga sequence led by certified yoga Instructor Ms. Ying Wang.  After that, I will administer acupuncture to help heal the lower back.  The most common problem that people seek acupuncture for is back pain.  Now you have the opportunity to see how it may help you along with Yoga.

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